Posted by Harry on 26th Apr 2018

Finance for tax bills, cash flow problems and new kit

Examples ranging from paying tax to investments

4Colour Finance help to keep the presses of the print industry rolling by providing financial support at crucial moments in a firm’s development.

Every company can experience cash flow issues or require funding to expand and invest. To give some examples of how 4Colour Finance can help a company in the wider industry was caught out by a tax bill of just shy of £200,000. It was a figure that could send many firms under and with the HMRC deadline looming and their most recent set of figures not yet prepared a bridging loan was organised secured on property. Once in place and the crisis solved, the loan was then refinanced as a straightforward business development loan.

That is not an unusual situation as the tax man can catch us all out as can late payments creating a cash flow crisis. One such example was for a firm that found it didn’t have enough in their account to cover payroll on Monday and so a short term unsecured loan was organised on Friday of £13,000 to ensure everyone was paid on time. The loan was repaid within days as cash flow returned to normal.

A third example is a classic small business situation: that of raising cash for development. In this case a firm wanted to buy new kit to the tune of £50,000. An arrangement was put in place for an unsecured loan coupled with bank finance in order to achieve the desired amount to purchase and install the machinery which of course began paying for itself with increased productivity.

These are only examples but they go to show how various financial conundrums faced by the printing industry can be overcome with some creative financial thinking from 4Colour Finance. For details of how 4Colour Finance can help call +44 (0) 1934 533 133 or email