Posted by Harry on 9th Jun 2018

Net closes on 'dodgy' printer and his partner

Net closes on 'dodgy' printer and his partner

Net closes on 'dodgy' printer and his partner

For more than two years the notorious print farming duo known as the ‘Bonny and Clyde’ of the print industry by their victims have been taking money off self-publishers, designers and printers and not always supplying them with what they ordered. Many have been left out of pocket to the tune of thousands of pounds.

Bit by bit with the help of the trade publication Print Monthly an action group has been formed consisting of victims of the couple who are planning on legal action which will finally put a stop to their activities. It comes in response to the inaction of the authorities to act and the dismay caused by the ‘blackmail Trevor Montague affair’ which saw the author taken to court and not the print brokers.

Since then the duo have become emboldened and have threatened anyone who complains about not getting their print work completed and of losing their cash. If anyone would like to join the group legal action then contact this publication so we can pass on the details.

The Barry & District News along with two national newspapers have also attempted to expose the couple. The local newspaper finally ran the story helped by Print Monthly last month. The reporter writes: “Printing companies linked to an address in Barry have left dozens of customers out of pocket, after they failed to deliver orders worth thousands of pounds. An address at Pioden For, Barry Island, has played host to multiple printing companies since at least 2010, with as many as 15 such businesses either being registered to or sharing links to the address. Customers say that having placed orders with the companies during this time, they have either been received months late, contained errors, or have never arrived at all, adding that refunds they were offered by the owners failed to materialise or were substantially less than promised.

“As a result, book authors ended up missing important promotional events and periodical magazines were unable to be distributed on time, costing them substantial amounts in lost revenue. Many of the businesses have also been registered to a series of addresses in London, however customers say they find these are merely forwarding addresses for the Barry Island property. While the businesses are registered by Companies House under a range of different directors, the property itself is the residence of a Mr Neill John and his partner, Clair Hunnisett.”

John has denied he conducts unethical business practices, has claimed to be a devout Christian in the past and has even stood as a Conservative candidate in council elections. And lost.

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